This just in from our correspondent in the /b/ hive…

Big Swifty sez–and I quote:

“I live close to where you work,
@JohnKerry. Keep talking shit about The
People & I’ll knock on your door
#WEARING my medals. #tcot #teabagger”

Jeez…I don’t wanna jump to conclusions,
or speculate beyond the data, b-but that
sounds kind of like a threat, if I’m not

I trust our crusading deputy dawg D.A. will immediately leap into action, being the Great Defender against online threats that he purports to be.

That is unless the concept of justice, and it’s very selective implementation through the institution of the L.A. D.A’s office is just an expediant pretext for pursuing one’s own twisted agenda of pollitical subtrefuge & self aggrandisement.




  1. kidkenoma Says:

    Yeah…I’m pretty sure it was /b/ tards…or was it pop-tarts? Or maybe Anonymouth or Charlie Chan or the Thesbian Mafia or the moondoggies or…yeah, now that I think about it, it must have been that Chet Uber Alles guy from Project Vigilant that I met at that swapmeet in Omaha who tried to sell me some surplus PROMIS software and a lump of off-brand DMT on that sultry afternoon when the sky was thinly disguised as a patient, the temperature untaken…as ill fitting sunshine cloaked the waving grass, the wind hurtful and joyous, building stronger, consumating…I had no camera to record this aperature of peace…I wouldn’t have believed the picture anyway…trinkets of smashed apples lay among the discarded divas…no more picnics for the birds, who having feasted on stuxnet worms, have all abandoned the air…

    Or was it?

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