2 Responses to “PUNK’N PATTERICO”

  1. Brevity is best when punking windbags like Patterico. Just watch, he’ll have a guest to his blog in the form of a Kid Kenoma’s kid sister (obviously still a minor) sock puppet that can argue California law, and they’ll find the appropriate criminal statute to apply here.

  2. kidkenoma Says:

    The appropriate criminal statues have been notified and should arrive soon, thank gawd, ’cause they sure need something over at Paddy’s where the comments have dwindled to a trickle on all three Weiner threads.

    Just as well, I supose. All of that going around and around and around with “Gennette” wuz making me dizzy!

    My little sis Jennifer should be arriving at Patterico pretty soon.

    However, as her attorney, I have advised her to refrain from mentioning that bunga-bunga party with Brietbart, or the supposed snuff-film fest that Goatsbled was allegedly presiding over.

    Shit, even Ron B has only manged a couple of tweets so far today.
    WTF? What the hell is WRONG with these people?

    Could this be the end of the world as we know it?

    Only time will tell I suppose, but then of course time is not bound by oath to tell the truth, now is it?

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