2 /b/ or not 2 /b/

“Those who do not learn the lessons of internet convolution are doomed to repeat them.”

I don’t know. After a while, one right-wing crypto-facist teabagger blog seems pretty much like another. You know–the usual bullshit: Big Anxieties about commies, queers, Ay-rabs, and those dispicable traitorous Liberals & Immigrants, not to mention that goddamn Lesbian Mafia. Also, of course, Israel-can-do-no-wrong, and the predictable nostalgia for the Reagan/Pinochet/Thatcher era…

One difference that I have noticed though, is the reaction to the presence of mega-troll Seth Allen/Socrates/Preposticity at two different Teabagger blogs.

At Patterico, Soc is treated like a celebrity/hero, with Paddy and his Winged Monkeys rallying around Soc in his titanic battle against Brett Kimberlin, so Soc will be able to continue his tireless effort to transform the U.S. into a socialist Worker’s Paradise…

While just a few years back, Soc/Prepostericity, also known as “Professor Meathead”, would be remembered a bit differently.

And while we cannot vouch for the veracity of posts or comments at “the beakspeaks”, we note that the character assessment of Soc by The Beak himself has remained posted online legally unchallenged since May of 2006, which gives it about as much credibility as anything else to be found on a Teabag blog I guess…

And in the comment section of this post, Beaker has some interesting things to say about Socrates’ familial relations if you follow the thread to Beakerkin’s comment 9th down.

“His sexual harassment of every female poster and posting under multiple aliases also warrents a lifetime ban.”

Not a lot of slack given for improprieties of a pedophiliac nature over at The Beak’s blog.

Luckily for Soc/Prepostericity, he has found a more…tolerant environment to infest…


2 Responses to “2 /b/ or not 2 /b/”

  1. Beakerkin Says:

    I do not have many rules on my blog. However, we do not permit criminal behavior or multiple aliases.

    The person I knew was the sickest troll I ever saw. On top of that he is a total bore. To call him a hack is an insult to hacks everywhere.

  2. kidkenoma Says:

    Thank you for your input Mr. Beakerkin. I must note that I am impressed with the effort at your forum to facilitate a civil discussion with fairness & tolerance, even towards those with points of view in opposition to your own, and the adroitness with which the usual disruptive trolls & socks are neutralized by patience and gentle humor. Socrates being the inevitable exception.

    This is very rare in these times.

    So I am preplexed when I see a site like Patterico, run by a conservative member of the LA District Attorney’s Office, championing the cause of pathological criminal Socrates, who claims to be a “socialist”. Another “interesting” personage fiercely defended by Patterico, is THIS particular individual, described as “not your typical GOP agitator”. Let us hope not!

    You, Mr. Beakerkin, are to be commended for taking an honest moral stand where others have clearly abdicated such responsibility.

    In the comments at “thebeakspeaks” I noticed a number of references to remarks made by Socrates at FPM concerning what would seem to be a most unsavory relationship to his daughters. Would you know sir, if those FPM pages are still accessible?

    Thank You.

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