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This just in from @dreamsend3:

“@support mentions and message notifications not
working…others having this issue as well. Any
word on what’s up?”

Ehhhhh……what’s up…Doc? 😉

From @dreamsend’s brutal cyber-stalking of @zapem 23 hours ago:

@zapem:”Worried someone knows what you did? They do.”

@zapem:”You know what u did.”

Jihad enough?

This vicious cyber-bullying must come to an end!

LATEST UPDATE: Unamed sources close to the investigation will neither confirm or deny that PSYCHO TEACHER Ty Brown is behind the tragic Killer Hedgehog Rampage which is being reported across the twittershere even as we speak. Film at 11:11. .:.



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zapem: @dreamsend3 “and if ANYTHING else happens, I’ll know who to blame.”

UPDATE: It has come to our attention that serious charges have been tweeted about alleged role-playing porn gamer, “furry”, and World of Warcraft addict, blogger Ty Brown of the Dreamsend333 blog, characterising Mr. Brown as a “Psycho Teacher” whose paranoiac inability to distinguish reality from fiction compells him to rant and rail about “trolls” from alternate reality games, and artists from obscure fringe art movements such as the “Oulipo”, and neoism, who are out to “get” him. That is, if The Brigade of Lunatic Paralegals doesn’t get him first.

Some feel that these psychological distortions make Mr. Brown unfit for contact with young impressionable children. We at Kidkenoma blog feel that unpleasant as Mr. Brown might be, he is probably capable of nothing more violent than perhaps flinging his own poo around the perimeter of the room to mark his territory. At least that’s the impression we get from closely studying his blog. Other than the sanitation concerns, we suspect that he is basically harmless, although we are somewhat troubled by his attempted cyber-bullying of the respectable, patriotic, and always well-sourced, Ms. Zapem.

Be advised that if you should chance to confront Mr. Brown with obvious contradictions in his idea fixee, he will inevitably deny your existence, claiming you to be a “fictional character” with “imaginary” evidence. Such is mental illness. We hope Ty will seek professional help soon.

This cyberstalking and harassment must stop!

You can read the whole sordid exchange here, or at least you could prior to the inevitable & habitual Dreamsend cover-up. The comments referenced above can still be pieced together at the original twitter accounts, here & here, at least until Ty Brown deletes them. Cross-check entries on both timelines for 8/30/11.

“When one lesson just ain’t enough” 🙂


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How ’bout some more fun 70’s song lyrics? Ah, the good old days! Enjoy!

You’re not the child
You thought you were
You wake up in the night
And know you’re blind
And yet they keep on pushing
Trying the insides of your mind
Arresting to control
Until the emptiness of heaven
Welcomes your weary soul…

–Tim Davis

Enough unbridled nostalgia for one entry I suppose, so party on, Real People!

–Someone Who Might Not Even Exist


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“You’ll arrive for the link-laden pseudo-profundity, but
you’ll stay for the porn.”–Zapem (aka “Phil”)

“All these bastards are giving me a case of Tourette’s”–TLS

Today we salute our brave comrades-in-arms, those fearless
warriors for Freedom & Justice out there in the trenches
spilling The Tea & stickin’ it to The Man.

First, we present a new arrival to the twittersphere, the sunlight-shunning “@KidMelanoma” operating from his fortified Arctic fortress (like Superman,
Doc Savage, and Assange), who’s out there sockin’ it to The Man even as
we speak.

And leading the charge from inside the Trojan Horse, we have one of the lesson-teaching “invisibles”, deep cover operative @Zapem, whom we thank from the bottom of our hearts for their invaluable assistance in implementing the current massive free babuki/gonzo porn torrent download over at Ty’s dreamsend333. (this is making us a TON of money!) 🙂

We now salute these noble beandogs for their unstinting service to their country over & beyond the call of duty.

Semper Fi, brave beandoggies, Semper Fi…


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@dreamsend3 long dead, great white hunter.

You not find @KidKenoma

Not even we know where to look

Last intervention gives no flesh identity

Look any place

No good–No bueno–

‘Bye then–broken dream and dreamer of the sick lies–

Adios Meester William…


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So, if Patterico’s boss Steve Cooley is covering up corruption in Cudahy & Bell, running a shakedown scam with his bum-chum Robert Philibosian, and violating the constitutional rights of his own employees, would we really be shocked if Patterico was using his blog to muddy the waters to cover Andrew Breitbart’s footprints throughout the whole post-Weinergate fallout?

And where is Patterico anyways?

On vacation with Obama?

Busy social networking, dispensing pearls of wisdom on twitter?

(Patterico: “I HATE CATS“)

Quaffing a few brews at a Celtics game with bosom buddy Socrates like a couple of “regular” guys?

Out stalking porn babes with good buddy Goatsred? (“please do not try to drive a wedge between me and @goatsred” @patterico 8/9/11)

Lying low lest the Weinergate pigeons come home to roost?

Things be kinda quiet over at Patterico’s Pompifications…


Since 8/21/11, no comment except for Lambchops & Kermit…uh, I mean Sammy Finkelman and “koam @wittier” who–get this–both agree that even though his greasy fingerprints are on almost every piece of the puzzle, there’s NO way that Breitbart could have had ANYthing to do with this, SO DON’T EVEN GO THERE!


Oh, you think I’m being unfair & unbalanced?

Making that tea-bag all sour & hairy in your mouth?

Dig this hopped up /b/tard: “They call us racist, sexist, homophobic, and we are finally punching back. It’s over dude. It’s over. You think you’re gonna be able to put the genie back in the bottle? It’s over. And if you don’t like my aggression, there are going to be millions more of me.”

Oops! That was actually Breitbart. My bad!

Meanwhile, back in Duckburg, the grim wheels of Justice grind on, leading the relentless crusade against dangerous criminals, and those whose means of personal expression fall short of Der Commissar’s lofty aesthetic standards

Ok now, say “cheese”!

I pulled up behind a Cadillac
We were waiting for the light;
And I took a look at his licsense plate
It said: “Just Ice”
Is Justice just ice?
Governed by greed & lust?
Just the strong doing what they can
And the weak suffering what they must?
And the gas leaks
And the oil spills
And sex sells everything
And sex kills…
Sex kills…

–Joni Mitchell 1994


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From @Liberty_Chick today:

“Well, a person KidKenoma blog used to target sent
an email today – he mentions “murdering” someone.
Now see why we can’t just leave it?”

I must step in here to say that we at Kid (REDACTED)
blog are most profoundly dismayed to hear this. We
would most heartily admonish this email-sending person
to abandon this rash, immoral, and completely unnecessary
course of action.

We would furthur hope that “Liberty_Chick” will, in the
future, refrain from her obvious act of complicity in
serving as the conduit for these vicious online threats.

It’s illegal y’know.