From the Wiki:

“…the IMF operates primarily by executing confidence tricks on its mission targets, sometimes with the aid of high-tech gadgetry.”

“The agents are able to deceive their targets into cooperating with them without detecting a set-up until the mission is accomplished; by that time, the IMF personnel have already vanished from the scene.”

“All team members displayed skill in social engineering and misdirection, improvisational acting, hand-to-hand combat, sleight of hand, and fluency in multiple languages.”

And so forth.

“The IMF should not be confused with the World Bank, although I think you might be surprised at the overlap in persuasive technique” –Alex Lee

Bruno Buckingham: “Tony, this is not about sex. This is about power. I need to do this to disgust MYSELF, to become selfless in the name of…love.”

Alex Lee: “Love?”


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