We will call our team of trolls “Maggie and the Moos”.

The Moos might actually be separate individuals or just Maggie posting under different user names.

Maggie’s target is going to be a forum at

Her motivation in this case is idealogical.

That forum discusses many topics, one of which is granfallons [but it could just as easily be Ritual Abuse Mind-Control, the Pharm-Chem anti-depressant lobby’s party line, or “feminism”…] Maggie wants everyone to know that granfalloons are actually part of a conspiracy by the Shriners.

Her goal is to run anyone off that discussion board [Plutonia, hava, slomo, brekin, charlie meadows, WakeUpandLive, Praeclarus…etc etc etc…] who does not agree. Fun!

First, Maggie sends in the Moos.

They register under several user names.

They have two goals: to befriend members of the community while not saying anything controversial, and secondly, to datamine anyone who appears to be an obstacle to their evil plan.

Datamining is about finding any personal or other details the poster has revealed in past conversations to use as ammunition in the upcoming flame wars.

Have they ever expressed different views about granfaloons?

Any personal connections to the Shriners, perhaps a family member in a fez?

Meanwhile, Maggie must register as well and her posts should also start out uncontroversial. After establishing herself a bit she can then begin her serious trolling.

Now here is the tricky part.

Maggie can say all kinds of outrageous things that a reasonable person might see as red flags.

Her tone might seem a bit more hostile than an online discussion forum would seem to warrant.

But because the moos come along and already have a reputation as reasonable people [like oh, say Jack Riddler or Joe Hillshoist or Wintler2 or Vanlose Kid or barracuda for instance] and continue to reinforce the idea that those who oppose Maggie are the real trolls, bystanders lose perspective.

Let us remember another powerful weapon of forum disruption, the private message.

Maggie and the Moos will see who is on the fence about her enemies and provide gentle nudges via PM and complaints to the moderators about the disruptive activities of her targets.



Meanwhile, of course, anytime anyone voices any criticism of Maggie, however mild, the Moos are ready to express astonishment that someone would dare question her honor and integrity.

Played correctly, well meaning posters and even reasonable moderators are stymied.

To oppose Maggie, who has ingratiated herself with the community, is to cause even further disruption. So Maggie’s target(s) leave the board altogether.

This is not enough, however.

From time to time, the Moos (not Maggie herself) will need to start a thread or two about how horrible the former posters were and how much they harmed the community and how much better off the place is without them.

At that point the lesson has been learned. If you don’t think the Shriners run the granfaloon conspiracy, you have no place on this board.

From DE3 3/2/10

Now, extrapolate if you will, the above scenario with the added twist of this all being endorsed by the admin using embedded policy-trolls for plausible denial to express opinions and present agendas to influence popular opinion & perception as part of an SRI petri-dish open-source human psy-op lab where “left-wing” CT subjects are profiled & monitored to see what sort of stimuli might effect a reversal in thinking patterns, and generally find out exactly how much degrading bullshit humans will be willing to put up with.

Sound familiar?


One Response to “MAGGGIE AND THE MOOS”

  1. canadian_watcher Says:

    Hey there,
    I’m Canadian-watcher. 🙂

    Your mind sounds pretty made up, but I want to state, for the record, that I was no part of any game to take down anything. Well actually, maybe I was – but I didn’t know it. I suspected it shortly after being asked to be a moderator and as a result of the pretty hostile things that were directed my way right off the bat I got really defensive, looking for possible manipulations everywhere. That’s why I quit, as you might have noticed, really rather quickly.

    The misogyny thread was obviously way too hot a topic but that’s all it was – for ME – but like I’ve said I don’t know if there was some sort of game/plot going on and I was just a pawn in it.

    I was googling for info on that sort of thing when I came upon this post. I have to laugh, really (like in a shake your head kind of way – not a bitter way.) Even though you are assigning nefarious purposes to me I am still glad that i am not the only one who recognizes that some sort of effed up shit was happening there.

    anyway, just thought you might want to know that part of the story. I don’t doubt your eye for shenanigans, but maybe you can piece it together better now (I’d certainly be interested if you do)

    My money is on barracuda having several identities and not telling Jeff the whole truth about anything. IOW, he’s the head manipulator.

    Oh.. and.. as to C2W and PW.. I looked upon them as allies, very true. So I did ask them for assistance once or twice when I was feeling particularly undefended. I don’t know where C2W has gone but I can tell you that PW is very much hurt by stuff going on there right now. That is, if she isn’t just part of the plot to make me crazy!

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