Henrich Cornelius Agrippa (1468-1535)

An out and out paractitioner of “magical thinking”.

Who would listen to such a kook?

“All things which are similar and therefore connected, are drawn to each other’s power.”

What coud he be thinking? Sounds kinda remote to me.

An essay by Agrippa called ‘The Commendation of Matrimony’ pp. 33-34 sez this about women:

“Thou therefore, whosoever thou art, that wilt take a wife, let love be the cause, not substance or goods, choose a wife, not a garment, let thy wife be married unto thee, not her dowry…and let her not be subject unto thee, but let her be with thee in all trust and counsel…”

While in his essay ‘Female Pre-eminence’ pp. 79, he has this to say to his fellow men of that time and place:

“Is this the point of manhood, or any ornament of your valour, to busy yourselves for disgrace of women? Is this the thankful tribute you return to the authors of your Being?”

And on page 82:

“Let us no longer dis-esteem this noble sex, or abuse it’s goodness…Let us rethrone them in their seats of honour and pre-eminence…and treat them with all that respect and veneration which belongs to such terrestrial angels”

Not sure on the exact dates, but I’m almost certain that this was before Gloria

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