the man from the television
crawled into the train
I wonder who he’s gonna
stick it in this time
everyone was looking for
a little entertainment
so they’ll probably pull his hands off
when they find out his name

and then they shut down the power
all along the line
and we got stuck in the tunnel
where no lights shine
they got to touchin’
all the girls that were scared to call out
nobody was saying anything at all

we were waiting for
the end of the world
waiting for
the end of the world

dear Lord,
I sincerely hope you’re coming
’cause you really started something

things got back to normal
as the train began to roll again
we got to the station
about twenty minutes later
the legendary hitchhiker
says that he knows where it’s at
now he’d like to go to Spain
or somewhere like that

with his two-tone bible
and his funny cigarettes
his suntan lotion
and his castanets

and then the bride, the groom
the congregation and the priest
all got onto the train
when we were three stations east
hiding from a scandal
in the national press
they had been trying to get married
since they stole the wedding dress

you may see them drowning
as you stroll along the beach
but don’t throw out the lifeline
till they’re
clean out of reach

waiting for the end of the world…

–E. Costello


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