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From the Wiki:

“…the IMF operates primarily by executing confidence tricks on its mission targets, sometimes with the aid of high-tech gadgetry.”

“The agents are able to deceive their targets into cooperating with them without detecting a set-up until the mission is accomplished; by that time, the IMF personnel have already vanished from the scene.”

“All team members displayed skill in social engineering and misdirection, improvisational acting, hand-to-hand combat, sleight of hand, and fluency in multiple languages.”

And so forth.

“The IMF should not be confused with the World Bank, although I think you might be surprised at the overlap in persuasive technique” –Alex Lee

Bruno Buckingham: “Tony, this is not about sex. This is about power. I need to do this to disgust MYSELF, to become selfless in the name of…love.”

Alex Lee: “Love?”



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Here’s the list

But WAIT! There’s been an omission here!

Excuuuuuuse me, but I think this list is woefully incomplete.

Is there no justice at all?


I mean, what about Amanda Petrusich?

A-and Molly Lambert?

Liz Coville?

Jillian Crowther?

Daniella Joseph?

Calamity Pop?

Lindsay Hood?

Tess Lynch?

Taylor Long?

Jessica Suarez?

Jenn Pelly?

Rachael Maddux?

There. I’d say that that covers it in toto. So to speak.

There’s a few Has-Beens, Wannabees, Never-Weres, and self-medicated
Prozac casualties who simply didn’t make the cut. We shan’t mention any
names, but they know who they are.

Just barely.

Thank you.


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We will call our team of trolls “Maggie and the Moos”.

The Moos might actually be separate individuals or just Maggie posting under different user names.

Maggie’s target is going to be a forum at

Her motivation in this case is idealogical.

That forum discusses many topics, one of which is granfallons [but it could just as easily be Ritual Abuse Mind-Control, the Pharm-Chem anti-depressant lobby’s party line, or “feminism”…] Maggie wants everyone to know that granfalloons are actually part of a conspiracy by the Shriners.

Her goal is to run anyone off that discussion board [Plutonia, hava, slomo, brekin, charlie meadows, WakeUpandLive, Praeclarus…etc etc etc…] who does not agree. Fun!

First, Maggie sends in the Moos.

They register under several user names.

They have two goals: to befriend members of the community while not saying anything controversial, and secondly, to datamine anyone who appears to be an obstacle to their evil plan.

Datamining is about finding any personal or other details the poster has revealed in past conversations to use as ammunition in the upcoming flame wars.

Have they ever expressed different views about granfaloons?

Any personal connections to the Shriners, perhaps a family member in a fez?

Meanwhile, Maggie must register as well and her posts should also start out uncontroversial. After establishing herself a bit she can then begin her serious trolling.

Now here is the tricky part.

Maggie can say all kinds of outrageous things that a reasonable person might see as red flags.

Her tone might seem a bit more hostile than an online discussion forum would seem to warrant.

But because the moos come along and already have a reputation as reasonable people [like oh, say Jack Riddler or Joe Hillshoist or Wintler2 or Vanlose Kid or barracuda for instance] and continue to reinforce the idea that those who oppose Maggie are the real trolls, bystanders lose perspective.

Let us remember another powerful weapon of forum disruption, the private message.

Maggie and the Moos will see who is on the fence about her enemies and provide gentle nudges via PM and complaints to the moderators about the disruptive activities of her targets.



Meanwhile, of course, anytime anyone voices any criticism of Maggie, however mild, the Moos are ready to express astonishment that someone would dare question her honor and integrity.

Played correctly, well meaning posters and even reasonable moderators are stymied.

To oppose Maggie, who has ingratiated herself with the community, is to cause even further disruption. So Maggie’s target(s) leave the board altogether.

This is not enough, however.

From time to time, the Moos (not Maggie herself) will need to start a thread or two about how horrible the former posters were and how much they harmed the community and how much better off the place is without them.

At that point the lesson has been learned. If you don’t think the Shriners run the granfaloon conspiracy, you have no place on this board.

From DE3 3/2/10

Now, extrapolate if you will, the above scenario with the added twist of this all being endorsed by the admin using embedded policy-trolls for plausible denial to express opinions and present agendas to influence popular opinion & perception as part of an SRI petri-dish open-source human psy-op lab where “left-wing” CT subjects are profiled & monitored to see what sort of stimuli might effect a reversal in thinking patterns, and generally find out exactly how much degrading bullshit humans will be willing to put up with.

Sound familiar?


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Henrich Cornelius Agrippa (1468-1535)

An out and out paractitioner of “magical thinking”.

Who would listen to such a kook?

“All things which are similar and therefore connected, are drawn to each other’s power.”

What coud he be thinking? Sounds kinda remote to me.

An essay by Agrippa called ‘The Commendation of Matrimony’ pp. 33-34 sez this about women:

“Thou therefore, whosoever thou art, that wilt take a wife, let love be the cause, not substance or goods, choose a wife, not a garment, let thy wife be married unto thee, not her dowry…and let her not be subject unto thee, but let her be with thee in all trust and counsel…”

While in his essay ‘Female Pre-eminence’ pp. 79, he has this to say to his fellow men of that time and place:

“Is this the point of manhood, or any ornament of your valour, to busy yourselves for disgrace of women? Is this the thankful tribute you return to the authors of your Being?”

And on page 82:

“Let us no longer dis-esteem this noble sex, or abuse it’s goodness…Let us rethrone them in their seats of honour and pre-eminence…and treat them with all that respect and veneration which belongs to such terrestrial angels”

Not sure on the exact dates, but I’m almost certain that this was before Gloria


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that’s great
it starts with an earthquake
birds snakes and aeroplanes
Lenny Bruce is not afraid
eye of a hurricane
listen to yourself churn
world serves its own needs
dummy serve your own needs
feed it off an aux speak
grunt no strength
ladder start to clatter
with fear fight down height
wire in a fire
representing seven games
a government for hire
and a combat site
left of west
and coming in a hurry
with the furies breathing
down your neck
team by team
reporters baffled
trumped tethered cropped
look at that low playing
fine then
uh oh overflow
population common food
but it’ll do
save youself
serve yourself
world serves its own needs
listen to your heart bleed
dummy with the rapture
the reverend and the right?
you vitriolic patriotic
slam fight bright light
feeling pretty psyched

six o’clock TV hour
don’t get caught in foreign towers
slash & burn return
listen to yourself churn
locking in uniforming
book burning blood letting
every motive escalate
automat incinerate
light a votive
light a candle
step down step down
watch your heel
crush crushed
uh oh this means no
fear cavalier
renegade steer clear
a tournament
a tournament
a tournament of lies
offer me solutions
offer me alternatives
and I decline

the other night
I dreamt of knives
continental drift divide
mountains sit in a line
Leonard Bernstein
Leonin Breshnev
Lenny Bruce and
Lester Bangs
birthday party
jelly bean
you symbiotic patriotic
slam book neck

–M. Stipe (1987)


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the man from the television
crawled into the train
I wonder who he’s gonna
stick it in this time
everyone was looking for
a little entertainment
so they’ll probably pull his hands off
when they find out his name

and then they shut down the power
all along the line
and we got stuck in the tunnel
where no lights shine
they got to touchin’
all the girls that were scared to call out
nobody was saying anything at all

we were waiting for
the end of the world
waiting for
the end of the world

dear Lord,
I sincerely hope you’re coming
’cause you really started something

things got back to normal
as the train began to roll again
we got to the station
about twenty minutes later
the legendary hitchhiker
says that he knows where it’s at
now he’d like to go to Spain
or somewhere like that

with his two-tone bible
and his funny cigarettes
his suntan lotion
and his castanets

and then the bride, the groom
the congregation and the priest
all got onto the train
when we were three stations east
hiding from a scandal
in the national press
they had been trying to get married
since they stole the wedding dress

you may see them drowning
as you stroll along the beach
but don’t throw out the lifeline
till they’re
clean out of reach

waiting for the end of the world…

–E. Costello


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your multinigual
business friend
has packed her bags
and fled
leaving only
ash-filled ashtrays
and the lipsticked
unmade bed

the mirror
on reflection
has climbed back
upon the wall
for the floor
she found
and the ceiling
was too tall

your trouser cuffs are dirty
and your shoes
are laced up wrong
you’d better take off
your Homburg
‘cos your overcoat
is too long

the town clock
in the market square
stands waiting for the hour
when its hands
they both turn backwards
and on meeting will devour
both themselves
and also any fool
who dares
to tell the time
and the sun and moon
will shatter
and the sign posts
cease to sign

your trouser cuffs are dirty
and your shoes
are laced up wrong
you’d better take off
your Homburg
‘cos your overcoat
is too long…

–Brooker & Reid (1967)