THE UNMENTIONABLE (you must not think bad thoughts!)

Undead 4/23/11:

“in order to avoid the played out debate about the nature of psychiatry (AND SPUN OUT REACTIONS FROM THE BOARD’S PET MENTAL PATIENT)…” 🙂


Wake up and live Undead (Easter y’know)…your observation is…incomparable…

Dude, about the suspendering of your account, lemme just make this observation in case this had not occurred to you:

If you challenge the Official Story as propagated by the Pharm-Chem lobby at RI (or their “moderators” *lol*), or refer to members of the Pharm-Chem crew, especially in a less than flattering manner, or neglect to kiss the ass of the Pharm-Chem Queen, you will be squashed, banned, gang-swarmed or whatever it takes to make sure that you don’t do it again.

Deviate even slightly from the Official Version, and your wave of welcome will recede faster than barracuda’s hairline. (see Operation Comb-Over)

Perhaps you had RI confused with freedom of speech?

Just go with the flow, and know that the flow is coming from the old Gregory Bateson double-bind: Pharm-Chem vs Scientology…c’mon, choose a side one or the other if you’re not with us you’re against us one of us cannot be wrong!

Can’t you just feel that knee a jerkin’?

Either way you look at it you lose…


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