Ah…the old days at ‘Rigorous Intuition’…

Back when the comments were 90% Eve/Shrub/Richard talking to itself with cut ‘n paste filibuster, and a large side order of spam when all else failed to derail.

And nobody objected–least of all Jeff–who was constantly referenced by Eve/Shrub/Richard in very chummy terms of implied intimacy without any objection or encouragement to take it elsewhere on Jeff’s part.

Acting like they owned the place. Or something.

At first it seems like they’re just eating up space, derailing threads, and driving away those seeking real dialogue on crucial topics, as trolls are wont to do. But I really have to wonder…

Sample from “Eve”:

“Shrubery! (sic) Beware of me…I am a witch and I will use my powers to make you SMILE!!! Now that would be ironic”

“What is the sorcerer to do if, at the time when he is operating the Black art, his victim is at the local blog roaring at the antics of Et En Arcadia Ego Eve”

From this, we might infer that “his” (the sorcerer’s) “victim” would be someone reading that blog, maybe even that specific blog entry & comments.

And if so, perhaps they left a link

And how convenient, eh?

Eve’s RI entry: 6/10/07 (how symmetrical!)

Exactly one month before a certain postumously famous blogger met her untimely demise on 7/10/07.

Or would you rather not talk about it?

Be seeing you


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