Despite the doubled initial concerns notwithstanding forthwith & hence without recourse to attenuate the
legerdemain implicit in the obstreperous percipience germaine to the quiescent contremps of scrofulous & assiduous hagiolatry of nugatory antipodal nullupra
with little regard to the propinquity of chrysostomatic but pissant lacuna sans sesquipedalian & inchoate casuistry in the insouciant but shambolic manque palaver of the pulcritudinous synecdoche of the tendentious and jejune atelier/depanner.

In other words. No inflation. Idiots.

Except for my black Daryl K slacks. They’re inflated.



3 Responses to “SHOP AND COMPARE”

  1. what-a-pair Says:

    PS no sources will be provided. I worked it out in my head after years of research.

  2. kidkenoma Says:

    Bigwig sez: “No good biting wire!”

  3. En comparacion con que?

    And remember: “The consequences will never be the same!”

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