Nobody was ever forced to read ‘The Last Statue’. It’s not mandatory.

Put very simply: if you don’t like it, THEN DON’T FUCKING READ IT!

“(oooh, Aleister Crowley, never heard that before)”

Anyone who actually had read all 76 pages or so, would know that the only Crowley reference in the text of TLS is as an adjective to describe Led Zeppelin’s music.

Jack Parsons is never mentioned at all.

Nathan28’s posture of literary analysis bears the same uninhibited shameless exuberance as a chimp masturbating for a crowd at the zoo, and as such, serves as yet another fine “example of what the finer points of online discourse can look like”.

Just like barracuda…

“I’d place a work such as TLS in the category of incomplete grad school hijinx circa 1989.”

“And I can only imagine that a man like Guy Debord would have less than ten seconds to devote his interest to these so-called situationists.”

(latest word in from the art front is: Debord is passe–we, as former Neoists, now former anti-Neoists, are bored with Debord, and take no responsibility whatsoever for the limitations of his attention span. He has our condolences. As do you.)

From ‘cuda:

“This is not art, it is bathroom wall scribbling.”

And from Nathan28:

“…it’s some kid scribbling in his notebook in class.”

Well, at least you’re on the same page with that, or should I say the same 27 pages…

No, seriously, feel free to launch ad hominem attacks on persons & their projects–of which you know nothing–with total impunity.

I mean, what could go wrong, eh?

Be seeing you…


3 Responses to “LITERARY CRITIQUE”

  1. barracuda Says:

    Geez, you’re still mad about that?

    Alright, I fully admit that my assessment was trite and acrimonious, but the comment was made in a certain context. Actually I felt TSL was sort of a hyperlinked short-form stylistic cross between the more precious aspects of Gravity’s Rainbow and Spoerri’s Topographie Anécdotée du Hasard, but as we are both aware, I am not, and never claimed to be, a literary critic.

    Nonetheless, apologies again for the bad-mouthing. In truth I have practically nothing but sympathy towards any and all persons for whom art has a meaning or purpose of real import in their lives, and that includes you.

  2. kidkenoma Says:

    Geez…you’re so right! How unreasonable of me.

    Lemme just take a minute here to express my heartfelt gratitude for your sympathetic support & understanding throughout this trying ordeal.

    Ah, the memory drifts back…you know, back before the revision set in…

    “What they were doing what wrong (sic), and stupid, and evil, and they got bitchslapped for it.”

    “…Underwire777, Kid Balogna…something cryptically referred to as “Teh Last Crap-Shoot” or some such yawnage. I never really looked into the details, because who has the time?”

    “You and I may have this pleasant chat, and I may make the SERIOUS ACCUSATION (!) that you are a crazy person and a weird stalker, you convoluted agent of discord.”

  3. kidkenoma Says:

    And so like around October 26, last year when Elfis or SMiles or whatever he calls himself, posted this photo of a certain gravemarker on the birthday of a certain posthumously famous blogger, She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, without any commentary, I was not too surprised given the CoS-like taboos enforced at RI, that it would be deleted very quickly, but not before Jeff posted THIS tasteful image in response:

    Did it ever occur to any of you that Theresa Duncan would have family and friends who just might find this tastless, hateful and offensive?

    Would that matter to you?

    To Jeff?

    Or do only the welfare and sensibilities of the upper RI heirarchy (Project Willow, c2w) matter?

    And what if just maybe–oh, I know this will stretch your credulity past the breaking point, but just think this through–ol’ Tess wasn’t completely batshit crazy, and there really was a “Lunar Society” with surviving members still intact & active in Los Angeles?

    And what would you suppose their reaction to such viciously hateful scumbaggery would be?

    Expect us…

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