RIGINTOLOGY (negative interest rate)

Me? I always look for what’s missing from the picture.

I have noticed that over at Rigorous Institution, that there is quite a bit of “concern” about the Church of Scientology, and while I say you can never be too concerned about the CoS, I also say “what’s wrong with this picture?”.

Note if you will, not one fucking peep at RI, with all of this CoS “concern”, about the recent revelation of Vanity Fair editor John Connolly’s apparently being a mole for CoS.

Yes, that’s the same John Connolly who interviewed most, if not all of the pertinent witnesses, friends, famiily, and co-workers, and neighbors of Theresa Duncan & Jeremy Blake for the very influential and lucrative “Golden Suicides” article for Vanity Fair (soon to be a major motion picture!), even though the actual writing of the article was handed off to former Frank Morales wife, Nancy Jo Sales, all for the sake of journalistic objectivity & integrity, one supposes…

But then, what do I know, eh?


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