It is good to see Socrates (Seth Allen) finally embraced by a community that can relate to him:

“Please Mr. Patterico Teabagger sir, help me with my legal fees!”

Leftier than thou indeed. That Soc’s a regular Trotsky. 🙂

Not the first right-wing demagogue that Soc has sucked up to.

Here he is, fondly remembered on the relentlessly anti-communist “thebeakspeaks”:

“Soc asked (David) Horowitz for a job as a staff writer and he was turned down.”

“Soc is lucky I am not Horowitz because if I was he might be looking at jail time. Soc confessed that he was rejected by Horowitz this Sunday on the Kaplan thread.”

“Soc has been trying to damage Horowitz financially.”

So, Mr. “Leftier Than Thou” sucks up to Horowitz, gets rejected, becomes enraged, starts smearing Horowitz.

Then, from Soc’s “special friend” Donkeytale:

“Why don’t you (soc) talk about the real reason you’ve been after Brad (Friedman) eh?You once worked for him, then when you pulled your take over his blog schitck he dumped you over the side, and when that happened, well, you got mad.”

“It was at this very critical point in your life that you claimed to others that Brad was going to pay, and pay well for his giving your private info up as Jay Reynolds to Lou (Aubuchont) This is documented.”


Soc rejected by David Horowitz. Horowitz attacked.

Soc rejected by Brad Friedman. Friedman attacked and cyberstalked.

Then Soc seemed to have a shine for that “ugly psychotic” blogmaid, Maryscott O’Connor, probably doing her a favor by deigning to accept a job writing for her,
but then she rejected him–that cunt–and guess what happened after that?

Hey, maybe Patterico will give him a job! That would rule! Well, I hope he does, for Patterico’s sake. Just think of it: more teabagging & lollygagging fun for all!

Maybe “bee” can make sense out of these vile scrotum-sucking Teabaggers:

“Patrick Frey (Patterico) chooses weird creatures to adopt as pet causes: Breitbart, the criminal O’Keefe, that strange radio guy who did some whiny, weak-ass protest at UCLA (USC?) and who made a spectacular ass out of himself on that TV dating game. All of them fairly pathetic, not much except crazy circus stunts to keep them going.

“It’s almost as though Frey’s got a soft spot for special-needs individuals, which is indeed laudable and which would go a long way towards explaining DRJ and some of the posters there.”

At any rate, I think Soc is in good hands over at the Patterico tea party. After all, Patterico is said to be, or to have been employed, by the LA District Attorney’s Office.

And while some drug addicts and Al-Qaeda members might quibble about the LA DA’s office’s involvement in the RFK assassination “investigation”, the Rubin Salazar murder, the Rodney King beating trial, OJ, the Ronnie Chasen case, and much much more, one thing you can count on with that staunch bastion of integrity & propriety that is the LA DA’s office, aside from the relentless prosecutorial effort to keep vicious communist tree-huggers like Julia Posin & the Arcadia 4 off the streets, is the selfless concern for others in recommending competent and vigorous legal counsel!

Sort of a tradition

Right on Mr. Legal Eagle! (LOL) Give my best to Steve & Bob! 🙂


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