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Before KAK Gets You


CHASEN SHADOWS (engrammatically correct)

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“That’s where you’re wrong Gittes. Three [make it one] month(s) from now, nobody’s going to remember any of this. The wheels will turn, and the industry will grind on, and it’ll be business as usual. All this will be just so much stale popcorn.


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The ghost of Mitch Werbell sez:

“Hey, watch out–they pour some strong drinx at Flynt’s!”

Lots of babes though.


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The Process decided to make it big in the entertainment business, so they formed a rock and roll group called The Black Swan. Some Process members claim that the group was actually called the Voice of the Process. The Black Swan consisted of Brother Joshua on guitar–Brother Joshua had been in a pop group in London for quite a while–and Brother Benedict, the satanist, on drums. Brother Ely on flute and Brother Barnabas on string bass.


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I was overland touring in my new Ferrari
At just about a hundred & ten
I was on my way home
From a sophsticated party
Where I got a little drunk on gin

And as the headlights cast
A glow on the road
I heard a little voice inside of me
It said “You lost the light
And now you’re moving through the night
Running from the grand ennui”

Well, I reached in my pocket
And I pulled out the Omega
That was never one second behind
I knew the horse that I was running
At the Southern Talladega
Had won for the twenty-second time

And the countess I was with
Bent over with a kiss
And put a jeweled hand on my knee
I knew I’d lost the light
And I was moving through the night
Running from the grand ennui

Well that night passed in a blaze of glory
With the countess and the car both mine
And each day passes with the same old story
But the countess has a brand new line

Yet still at night
I am haunted by the fright
And distant memory
Of the day I lost the light
Moving through the night
Running from the grand ennui

–Michael Nesmith

FOR GONE CONCLUSION (Chasen shadows)

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EXT: Corner of Pico & Ficino, beneath a malfunctioning streetlamp flickering in the shadowed twilight, just like at The Cowboy’s ranch…

GITTES: This stinks Escobar. Your flunkies have been on the tube sayin’ that only an expert marksman shooting from an elevated angle, like from an SUV, coulda put five shots in her chest at that tight of a pattern and gotten away from the scene, and now yer tryna sell us this lone-nut-on-a-bicycle bullshit? Nobody’s gonna buy this crap Escobar! Ya hear me? Nobody!

ESCOBAR: That’s where you’re wrong Gittes. Three months from now, nobody’s going to remember any of this. The wheels will turn, and the Industry will grind on, and it’ll be business as usual. All this will be just so much stale popcorn.

GITTES: Bullshit Escobar! I’ll still be here, and I’ll remember. I’m not just gonna push the envelope on this, I’m gonna rip it wide open and set the fuckin’ pieces on fire, this isn’t the last of this, not by a long shot…

ESCOBAR: You just don’t get it, do you? There’s some factions in this town that draw lines that you just don’t Cross. Celebrity trumps everything–no exceptions. And I think we know who owns celebrity around here, don’t we? You think anybody up or down the food-chain is gonna ask questions that would embarrass Tom Cruise, or Cher, or Travolta, or Oprah, or Will Smith?

There’s too much at stake here for the truth to come out.

I got a call from the Captain, who got a call from the Commander, who got a call from the D.A., who got a call from the Commissioner, who got a call from the Attorney General, who got a call from the Governor, who got a call from the Secretary of Defense, who got a call from the President, who got a call from a figure in the shadows way up at the apex of the pyramid that if you’ve lived right you don’t know nothin’ about, and if you want to live long, you’ll stay blissfully ignorant of.

And when that figure in the shadows way up at the top sez: LAY OFF!! You’d better fucking listen.

Believe me Gittes, there’s some things well worth not knowing.

You go stickin’ yer nose in this, and I think you already know what’s gonna happen. Am I right?

Forget it, Jake. It’s Chinatown…


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Soledad O’Brien annoyed many earlier this year by dredging up writings from 1992 by convicted Atlanta child-killer Wayne Williams, wherein Mr. Williams discusses training that he allegedly received at a camp after being approached by
an associate of an “old World War II spy” living in the Atlanta area, with ambiguous CIA connections, as part of a program to send young black agents into the worst trouble-spots in Africa in the late ’70s.

Bloggers debated & spewed forth opinions aplenty: “He’s guilty! “He’s innocent!”, but pretty much everyone agreed that WW was lying.

“–nothing to see here–no conspiracy–that’s right–keep movin’–everybody go home back to bed…”

Or one could go for more exotic explanations: The Process did it! My, that would be tasty, as presented by Rigorous Intuition’s Jeff Wells for instance…

How did Jeff know? He read it in Executive Intelligence Review.

Or–and please forgive my outrageously unorthodox approach here–you could google around to, you know, see if there were any such training camps consistent with WW’s claims. Or not.

So…who’s got a camp near Atlanta with CIA connections?

Mitch WerBell, that’s who. A para-military training camp called “The Farm” or Camp Cobray, in Powder Springs, right outside of Atlanta, where the deadly arts were/are taught in wooded seclusion.

WerBell’s career is a whole book or series of books unto itself, from the OSS, to the JFK assassination, to Company funded coup attempts in Haiti, the Abaco Islands, the Dominican Republic, to name a few.

WerBell’s nickname was “Mr. Whispering Death” in honor of his role in the development of state-of-the-art silencers for machine-guns and other life-enriching technological advances.

Some of Mr. WerBell’s colleagues by the mid ’70s would include Nazi/KKK Grand Dragon Roy Frankhouser, Bethel Babtist Church bomber and attorney for James Earl Ray, J. B. Stoner, and Gerry Patrick Hemming.

“A key figure in these murky doings was an obscure far rightist self-proclaimed occultist named Ken Duggan. Duggan, who lived in New York City, was a Minuteman activist. Duggan was also a male witch or Warlock.”

“Duggan worked closely with another New York-based far right occultist named James Madole, who created the Yorkville-based Nazi sect, the National Renaissance Party (NRP) in the late 1940s.”

“The NRP also had ties to a group called “The Temple of Baal” located in Long Island. In Michigan, a few NRP members even set up their own occult fascist sect known as “The Order of the Black Ram”.

“Duggan also helped put the NCLC into contact with his and Miles’ good friend Roy Frankhouser”, and Frankhouser would in turn hook WerBell up with Lyndon Larouche, who was Frankhouser’s employer at the time.

WerBell would go to work as a “security consultant” for Larouche in ’77 along with Frankhouser, and according to ex-Larouchies, being sent down to WerBell’s camp was the highest honor to be obtained in the NCLC. Numbers vary depending on who’s telling the story, but it would appear that all of the top level NCLC personnel and then some, would go through Werbell’s training course.

Wayne Williams was 19 years of age in 1977.

Not everybody loved WerBell.

Did I mention that Larouche seems to harbor a bit of animosty toward persons of color?

A noticable pattern to Larouche’s behavior, is the obvious pleasure LL takes in the subjugation and degradation of his “enemies”, by making them his pets, and having Jews make viciously anti-semitic proclamations on his behalf, and corrupting once revered figures in the African-American community like Roy Innes to do his bidding, and having pedophile James Bevel act as liason with Louie Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, and lead the charge in the Franklin “investigation”.

Some say that the KKK was too disorganized and understaffed in the Atlanta area at that point to carry out the systematic murder of dozens on their own and get away with it. And it has been pointed out that there would be difficulties in luring young black kids to their doom as the casualties pile up and fear grips the community, said kids becoming increasingly wary in the presence of predatory white yahoos.

A front-man would be needed who would seem unthreatening to the intended victims, and could serve as the Oswald/Berkowitz type patsy, and best of all, to a certain obsessive sensibility, have the African-American community stalked, terrorized, desecrated, mutilated, and demoralized by one of it’s own, reinforcing a viewpoint held by certain personages central to our narrative that “These people are animals!”

Some people valued WerBell’s camp so much that they might have been tempted to…indulge in unethical behavior to obtain it:

From the wookiepedia:

“In the 1989 Cotton Club murder case of Roy Radin, Arthur Michael Pascal, then owner of a Beverly Hills security firm, testified that prosecution witness William Rider, (Larry) Flynt’s former brother in law and private security agent, “told him of poisoning soldier of fortune Mitchell WerBell in 1983 in order to take over WerBell’s counterterrorist school in Atlanta. Pascal said that Rider and…Flynt poured four to six ounces of a digitoxin, a powerful heart relaxant, into WerBell’s drink during a party at Flynt’s Los Angeles mansion. WerBell a security consultant for Flynt…died of a heart attack at UCLA Medical Center a few days later.”

While back “in 1988, Sheriff Sherman Block of Los Angeles announced that Hustler publisher Larry Flynt wrote WerBell a $1 million check in 1983 to kill Hugh Hefner, Bob Guccione, Walter Annenberg, and Frank Sinatra. Los Angeles television station KNBC dispalyed a photocopy of the check. WerBell died in Los Angeles a month after receiving the check.”

To re-cap: During the time-frame that Wayne Williams claims to have received deadly training skills, Camp Cobray was bristling with Larouche’s top NCLC management, and assorted professional racist terrorists, who all seem to be inextricably enmeshed in white on black violence and murder.

And NOBODY finds this at all suspicious or worthy of investigation?

As Lee Harvey Oswald case officer and WerBell “business partner” Gerry Patrick Hemming would say: “Let’s talk about the Martin Luther King thing, let’s talk about Don Freed, Le Coubre, nigger-killers in bed with the Mafia, the Mafia in bed with the FBI, and the goddamn CIA in bed with all of them.”

Naw, I’m probably just being paranoid…just ignore the preceding bullshit, I’m sure there’s a more reasonable explanation…

Just ask Jeff Wells…

Hell, just ask Lyndon Larouche!