RIDICULOUS INQUISITION (It’s going to be all Reich)

Thanks for understanding it’s difficult to moderate a Reich like this. Much of that difficulty comes down to two things:

1. We shouldn’t presume people always tell the truth about themelves on the internets, making it extra difficult to exclude Suppressive Persons and those who don’t agree with the goals of this Reich, and
2. The Reich has made some enemies

There are hard kalls, and sometimes wrong kalls, but for the health of the Reich and the protection of my moderator sanctioned cronies, moderate moderators moderate moderately with these in “mind”.

“I’m sure you are. This has to be driving someone like you crazy. The need to browbeat and ban someone is so addicting. You need your fix.”

“The unfortunate thing is, once you’re gone, there is always another Judenrat to keep the ghetto in line. Always.”

–Julian’s Astrange


Thank you for your participation. –Emmanuel Goldstein


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