Lemme just say that you are an awesome debater when your fearless leader and protector has the comment moderation on, and when old fish-face has spun a bogus “hugs ‘n kisses” BFFL post just to make you feel better about youself.

I hope it works.

I guess any further questions would have to be answered here, since you clearly cannot expect answers from me at RI. Although the spurious Delgado might provide dialogue, if that’s your idea of a good time. 🙂

Either way, just please know that I’m NOT complaining. I said “the pleasure is all mine” and “it was kind of entertaining”. Maybe not seriously, mind you, but hardly complaining.

And to Et in Arcadia Ego’s credit, he neither whined nor threatened me when contacting me by gmail. He simply stated the facts of the matter in surprisingly eloquent terms, as one human to another, and the offending material was immediately taken down. He seemed to understand that there was no ARG, no plot, no data mining, no stalking, and that certain persons were wildly exaggerating, or outright fabricating their claims of personal harassment.

Mention was also made of certain persons on the board who acted in a way that was consistent with complicity and/or cover up with regards to the untimely fate of two posthumously famous bloggers. We shan’t disturb their blissful repose by dragging their names into this once again, but I think you know who I’m talking about.

Don’t you?


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