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Now what kind of shit-head would host this parasite on their website? eh, EH? w00t!

[Thanks to the resident mental midget at Dairy Queen for copy ‘n pasting the actual research done by Et in Arcadia Ego and Fourth Base without credit. Typical Suckrates grift]


“I am completely ‘out of game’, so your inane ramblings are of no relevance or interest to me. The same can be said about the existence of a fictional character calling itself ‘cgeste’ – of no relevance or interest to me.”

Hey Kerr, tell it to Xaturing…OXOMOXO

Jihad enough?

“I suggest you look for other players on some game forum like Rigorous intuition.”

OK Pal, here you go:


TLS CH.2 (continued…)

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Post Camillo’s after-gig party at Corrina’s on Sherman Canal
Faces on porch lit by perennial christmas-tree lights & glowing embers on cigarettes & joints
Sound of Porter’s guitar echoing across the rippling canal waters
Someone’s cooking spicy soup…

Now, nearby voices moving in the fog…

1st VOICE: Anyone seen James?

2nd VOICE: I think he and Sarah Kiddo went up to Tranquility
Valley to see Iris…

1st VOICE: Tranquility Valley?

2nd VOICE: Yeah, it’s out past El Centro, near where Flynn lives
There was a special about it on channel 51

1st VOICE: All I know, is that they’ve got a surprise waiting for
them when they get back

2ND VOICE: Now what?

1ST VOICE: Some batty bugs have set up a hostile hive in the
tree in their front yard over on the other side by Rachel’s walk.
I mean, I’m sorry, I love bees, but this hassle ain’t worth the

Then, Delgado appears out of the gloom, face lit, cheeks hollowing as she inhales part of a zeppelin shaped joint…

DELGADO: So we need the McGuffin, it’s going to take some
timely persuasion, but we need to find the lost ring…

CINCO: Jeezis, just what I need, another contest worth entering…

DELGADO: Well, we’ve gotta have it. The key is encrypted in the
rare design. It’s actually a set of micro-heiroglyphs depicting the
primal human myth. It starts out as something in the sea and winds
up as voices in the static.

CINCO: Like Cinderella said when she visited British Columbia: “The
game is afoot…”

DELGADO: BC? That’s nine feet too far.


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Lynn Schirmer seems to have a monopoly on fraudulent MC-RA survivor claims, brutally attacking all competition to her royal entitlement.


In other words, there is no proof of ANY of Project Willow’s bullshit, which is kind of humorous given the way PW waddles from thread to thread derailing discussions that she doesn’t agree with in her characteristically graceless and bellicose way.

“Prove it!” she screams in all pugnacious self-righteousness, in the midst of some thread that she clearly hasn’t the faintest understanding of.

“You’re one of the perps!” she shrills with, of course, no proof whatsoever.

Mentally ill? No argument from here on that.

Ritually abused & tortured? That’s a pretty strong accusation to make.

Got proof?

In fact, she has no proof of her claims of torture & abuse at all, nor is there any proof that the specific kind of abuse she alleges has ever taken place anywhere with anyone–just a smarmy little fantasy game perpetrated by thoroughly discredited quacks like Colin A. Ross, Lowell Routley, and Neil Brick–but it sure makes her feel important, and that’s what really counts here, isn’t it?

Being a professional victim is too sweet a deal, with too much money to be made in the growing cottage industry of “ritual abuse survivor” art to let reality get in the way.

Same deal with competing victims like “Delta Dawn” & “Cordelia”. Competitiors for attention will not be tolerated, and are to be purged Stalin-like, post haste.

She’s self-employed too, by the way. Draws a full salary–unlike her detractors, who are of course, all losers living in their mom’s basement. She doesn’t take orders from anyone–certainly not YOU–fuckin’ perp.

And my, ain’t it a hoot the way that the “perps” have seen fit to abuse such a disproportionately high percentage of mildly talented liberal arts majors. I would think that it would be more worth their while to have mind-controlled personnel strategically placed in centers of power & influence, rather than someone who suspends pork-butts from the ceiling, or strews paper copies of emails documenting their stupid boring relationships.

But don’t try to tell her that.

“You’re with the PERPS!!” will be the drearily predictable response.

If you factor in Godwin’s Rule of Nazi Analogies, but take it a step further, substituting the word “perps” for “Nazi”, then I think you can gain some perspective on how this mode of discourse operates.

Also try it with the word “troll” or “Eve”, or “losers living in their mom’s basement”, and see how it plays. Much more fun than a real exchange of ideas, and it means you’re always right.

To get a glimpse of what’s really at the other end of the line with Schirmer & company, substitute the word “SUPPRESSIVE PERSONS” for “perps”.

See what I mean?

By the way, the title of this entry is a quote from a PW generated thread at RI (“The long row…somethingoranother”) in which she described someone (the police, if memory serves) saying: “Yes we have your address etc” in a dream.

In other words publicly posted information. At RI.

Not data-mined.

Not stalked.

Just read right off the board like everybody else.

Which is kind of ill-advised dontcha think?

If I was really concerned about mind-control stalkers who seek to use “triggers” to control my behavior to my detriment, it would be kind of stupid to publicly post personal self-profiling information providing detailed insight into my unconcious thought processes.

Wouldn’t it?


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Hey, thanks for the memories!–Guilio Camillo

1.- ‘Glad we cleared that up…’

2.- ‘So many Terris, so little time’

3.- “a smarter onesmart rat”

4.- “a cooler frankenkitty”

5.- “Shango with a tan”

6.- “Eve with an advanced degree”

7.- “Fuck off”




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OK, raise your hands if you remember the car-bomb assassination of Chilean democracy activist Orlando Letelier in front of the Chilean embassy in Washington DC on 9/21/76 by Chilean (and American) DINA agents, as part of Operation Condor…

All right, raise our hands if you remember the scene where Pacino as Tony Montana gallantly says “You didn’t say nothing about no kids, man” , and refuses to set off the car bomb that would have killed a Bolivian activist & his family in ‘Scarface’ (1983)…

Yeah…I thought so…

How many here remember Operation Archangel from ‘Apocalypse Now’? (“He recieved no official clearence, he just thought it up and did it. What balls!”)

And…how many remember Operation Phoenix from the real Vietnam?



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A straw man in “popular origin is a human figure made of straw, such as practice dummies used in military training. Such a dummy is supposed to represent the enemy, but is considerably easier to attack because it neither moves, nor fights back.”


Gotta love those Washington Generals.

No, I don’t mean those dour war-mongers infesting the Pentagon as part of our current glorious Junta, I mean the exhibition basketball team who toured with the Harlem Globetrotters between 1953 &1995, winning six games and losing 13,000.

It was their job to lose almost every time.

Just like Colin A. Ross.

If one’s job is to spin and control the damage on those pesky stories that crop up every now & then, speculating on how pedophilia blackmail could be used as a tool for political leverage by certain power-consolidating intelligence agencies, then you just gotta luuuuv that Colin Ross.

He’s sooooo debunkable. In fact, he purposefully and deliberately debunks himself.

What more could you ask?

“Based on theological and psychological analysis of current claims and descriptions, the authors oppose the notion of a world-wide satanic conspiracy that brutalizes children. It is their conviction that there is no historical, theological, or psychological grounds for believing in the existence of such a conspiracy. Rather–”

…allright Vindalph/Kerr, that’s quite enough of yer–oh, wait–sorry! 🙂 That wasn’t Vindalf, that was Ralph Underwager & Hollida Wakefield as quoted in Colin Ross’s ‘Satanic Ritual Abuse-Principles of Treatment’, (University of Toronto Press 1995) where a little damage control is deployed on pages 186-189.

Dr. Ross is carerful to point out that Underwager and Wakefield’s lusty endorsement & justification of pedophilia (“it’s God’s will!) should not be taken to represent the views of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation. Keeping the heat on U&W, Ross quotes one Anna C. Salter on a few points detailing the straw man weaknesses in Underwager & Wakefield’s “research”.

But by the bottom of the page, the spin kicks in, and we read:

“It is important that opponents of the foundation not focus exclusively on such individuals, or overgeneralize from them to all foundation members.”

And in a premptive damage-control limited hangout maneuver by Ross, revealing an accomplished understanding of straw-man technique:

“Refutation of Ralph Underwager does not represent a refutation of all viewpoints encompassed by the foundation.”

Indeed. One would not want to confuse Underwager’s drivel with the calm reasoning of seasoned C.I.A. mnd control researchers like oh, say…

–Martin Orne (by the way, kudos on your Anne Sexton therapy doc!)

–Jolyon West who is described on page 58 as a “cult expert”–with nary a mention of those dread acronyms LSD & CIA.

And various persons with a history in related mind control fields with government funding:

–Dr. Robert Heath
–Dr. Harold Leif
–Paul Mchugh
–Richard Ofshe
–Michael Persinger
–Margaret T. Singer


–The “Amazing” Randi…magician & professional paranormal debunker

–The delightful Pamela Freyd, who admits that since 1988 she has been “getting a lot of money from the US Office of Naval Research”. After all, it was Pam, along with husband Peter, who originally founded the FMSM in the first place, to counter the vile calumny of their “brain damaged” daughter Jennifer. You know, the Professor of Psychology at the University of Oregon, editor of the ‘Journal of Trauma & Dissociation’, and winner of the association of Women in Psychology’s 1997 Distinguished Publication Award, and the Presidential Young Investigator Award from the National Science Foundation, and the Pierre Janet Award from the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation. Clearly a brain damaged Satanic Panicker.

(Next to McDonald’s “I’m lovin’ it!”, “Satanic Panic” has to be my favorite low-brow knee-jerk catch-phrase of all time. There’s no real context for it here, I just like to say it. Don’t you?)

–And Scooter Libby defense witness, the incomparable Elizabeth Loftus, who is perhaps the preeminent “expert” in the debunking of the veracity of childhood memories, even though she would seem to have a few gaps in her early childhood continuity herself. Just in case you didn’t “get” that this sorry-ass presentation is the exact opposite of what it pretends to be, a six-and-a-half page afterword by Loftus spins Ross’s book to its foregone conclusion.

At no point does Ross mention any hint of CIA/Naval intel connections with any of the aforementioned. Having done his limited hangout on Underwager/Wakefield, the doc seems fine with the rest of the board, even though the intel complicity of Orne & West was widely known and well documented for quite some time prior to 1995 when this book was published.

NOW, however, in his current “investigative” effort ‘Bluebird’, Ross suddenly remembers that most of these creeps worked for–yes, that’s right–the CIA!

Go figure.

The Church of Scientology seems to like it. A lot.

And to torpedo this current “expose”, lest we take it…you know, too seriously or anything, we are reminded of Ross’s bet with respected child therapist James “Amazing” Randi that he (Ross) can fire energy beams out of his eyes.

Why, it’s simply miraculous…or as Lou Reed sez:

“Does anyone need another blank skyscraper?
If you’re like me I’m sure a minor miracle will do
A flaming sword or maybe a gold ark floating up the Hudson
When you spit in the wind it comes right back at you


But hey, it’s E-Z debunking (over and over and over) go for it!

Or like Pynchon sez:

“If They can get you asking the wrong questions, They don’t have to worry about answers…”

‘Specially if They’re buying the books…heh-heh…

At least Jack Torrance cared enough to ask:

“I’m the kind of man likes to know who’s buying their drinks, Loyd…”