The whole city is golden inside of Ronnie.

Ronnie sings his love song.

Ronnie is a golden egg.

The egg appears in a room now. The room has an ocean for a
floor. In the room many tiny golden eggs float. A small girl sits
on her father’s lap. We see the strangely beautiful girl but the
father’s back is to us.

LITTLE GIRL: Father…when will all the new universes be born?

FATHER: Soon…and when they are I’m going to get you a great
big chocolate to celebrate!

LITTLE GIRL: Oh Father…really?

We leave as one little golden egg rolls across the room to a blue
lady with four arms who is doing a strange dance on a lily pad.

One arm stops dancing and reaches out.

A finger touches the one little golden egg.

The woman smiles & laughs.

BLUE WOMAN: Ronnie Rocket!



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