“Who is the Sleeper Who Must Awaken?

A thread dedicated to finding “Destiny” a woman who was RV’d by a remote viewer looking into “The Dan Burisch” thread at Godlike Productions Forum.

1-“The sleeper is a Christian woman who will lead the
“resistance” in the coming times. She doesn’t realize at
this time the role she must play. It is not for her identity
to be known at this time.” She doesn’t realize the import-
ant role she will play. She will be a female version of Moses.
Age estimated to be around late 30s early 40s.

2-“…the opposition is afraid of her.”

3-She is protected.

4-“She won’t realize even when it is happening. That is what
the people say about her.”

5-She does not have an idea of her destiny at this time
(sep. 2004). “God is preparing her but she doesn’t realize

6-She is fully grown now, not a child.

7-“She is an American citizen.”

8-“Her last name isn’t known.”

9-“She is protected by God. People are dreaming dreams
of her and the opposition has remote viewed her. But there
are certain areas in which information about her is blocked.”

10-“Many are being protected. Watch out for 2005. Seek it
first with pure intent.” Not just Destiny acording to this AC,
and 2005 is an important year. Seek info about her with pure

11-Q: could she be reading this thread now?
A: “Quite possibly”

12-When asked if she will die, literally, for the cause,
answer was: “We haven’t seen this far yet.”

13-She was surrounded by white light.




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