SHANE BLACKOUT (hooray for Hollywood!)

At age 23, Black wrote his second screenplay, Lethal Weapon, in six
weeks. His agent David Greenblatt sold the screenplay in three days.

At the height of his career he was the highest paid screenwriter in the
Hollywood movie industry, making $4 million for penning ‘The Long
Kiss Goodnight’.

Black has admitted on numerous occasions that many of the scripts he
had written for other directors, although commanding a hefty sum, were
rewritten to a point where they scarcely resembled his product.

…two scripts–‘The Last Boy Scout’ which at that time sold for more money
that any other script, and ‘The Long Kiss Goodnight which sold for much
more money at that time than any other script–were both extensively

He has used kidnapping as a plot device in several films: ‘Lethal Weapon’,
‘The Last Boyscout’, ‘The Long Kiss Goodnight’ and ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.
Five of his scripts start with the letter “L”. At least four of his screenplays
take place during Christmas.


[the last two sites linked above have some egregiously anti-semetic links on
their blogrolls (Rense, Hoffman etc). We presume that educated adult readers
with an I.Q. above room temperature will be able to figure this out for themselves
and draw their own conclusions without a heroic charismatic blogger telling
them what to think.]


2 Responses to “SHANE BLACKOUT (hooray for Hollywood!)”

  1. Dixie Normas Says:

    Sometimes I wish a heroic charismatic blogger would tell me what to think.

  2. kidkenoma Says:

    Yeah, I’ll bet.

    I’m not sure if your Dixie Normas ’cause most of it’s still
    in your mouth, which is, of course, how we recognize
    Socrates the suck-sock–the tiresome troll: Jay Reynolds.

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