JW: In the ‘Filth’, Grant Morrison has a character exclaim, before he knows
what he’s saying, “imagine time itself as a weapon!” I think I get it now.

From comments:

“What is a sorcerer to do if, at the time when he is operating the Black
art, his victim is at the local blog roaring at the antics of Et en Arcadia
Ego Eve” 6/8/07 MOO!

Follow link at bottom of WotS to RI, where a “poopy-mouth” discussion is taking
place in the “comments” section beween certain peoples of interest…

Some world-class tag-team trolling…

…Eve: “A lonely Wit-Aloha” or ” A Holy Toenail Law”

Mark & Iridescent Cuttlefish in a cut ‘n paste filibuster competition
pitching for Ron Paul & LaRouche…

Ericswan & Dr Bombay & just another dick…

All addressing the apparently absent “Shrub”…

A chummy little scene with full blessings of admin, in so far as I can tell…



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