Super sock-puppet mega-troll Dave “Dairy Queen” from Queens,
(who may or may not-but probably not-be the allegedly deceased
“David Weintraub”-only the hand in the sock knows for sure-kinda
…confusing with a guy who refers to himself in the third person
while conducting phony interviews with himself) also known as
Socrates, Ikfak, Jeff Reynolds etc seems to have conveniently forgotten
the OTHER five to 11 million Holocaust ghosts that do not figure into his

From wiki:

Yehuda Behr contends that the Holocaust should include only
Jews because it was the intent of the Nazis to exterminate all
Jews, while the other groups were not to be totally annhilated.

Inclusion of non-Jewish victims in the Holocaust is objected to
by many persons including Elie Wiesel, and by organizations
such as Yad Vashem…

From ‘Five Million Forgotten’:

On August 22, 1939, a few days before the official start of WWII,
Hitler authorized his commanders, with these infamous words, to
“kill without mercy, all men, women, and children of Polish descent
or language…”

Henrich Himmler: “All Poles will disappear from the world…It is essential
that the great German people should consider it as its major task to destroy
all Poles.”

(I guess Adolph & Henrich didn’t quite see eye to eye with Yehuda Behr &
Elie Wiesel on that one.)

More from ‘5 million Forgotten’:

For the first 21 months after it began in 1940, Auschwitz was inhabited almost exclusively by Polish non-Jews. The first ethnic Pole died in June 1940 and the
first Jew died in October 1942.


It is estimated that between 11 and 17 million non-combatant humans were
methodically murdered by the Nazi death-machine during the Third Reich,
which, by my limited mathematical computations, means between 5 & 11
million human souls are left out of the discussion when I hear the shrill disinfo
quibbling about numbers. It’s all about 6 million, while “denying” the historical
fact of possibly twice that number of non-Jews.

To deny or ignore the destruction of an additional 5 to 11 million human lives,
lays the groundwork for those who would seek to deny the Holocaust altogether.

Slavs, Poles, Gypsys, Russian POWs, Catholics, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Homosexuals,
freemasons, the disabled, the mentally incapacitated…and many more…

Did they just slip through the cracks?

Do the goyim not count?

Someone’s doing some Holocaust denyin’, and it ain’t Henrich Himmler,
is it Soc(k)rates?

Love that convolution? Yeah, me too.

So…we marvel that Soc(k)rates is all kissy-kissy with Doug Mesner and
his little buddies at the swastika waving Process org.

Remember the Process? You know, founded by the Degrimstons, as in
Mary Ann Degrimston, the one who claimed to be the reincarnation of
Joseph Goebbels, and announced that Jewish Holocaust victims “chose”
their fate willingly? Yeah, “satanic panic” debunking makes for strange
bedfellows. So to speak.

(Latest word in from the League of Lefty Martyrs, informs me that Dave
Weintraub and Socrates are in fact, two different people, the late Mr.
Weintraub being the guy in the funny mask that hassled Joe Lieberman,
while Socrates/Jeff Reynolds would seem to bear a strong resemblance
to Bob Marley, although he does not seem to hold his ganja as well as
Mr. Marley. By a long shot.)


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