“he’s been the John the Evangelist of this thing.” (lol) I suppose,
referring to DE.

Well…I’m not a biblical scholar (although I DO play one on TV) but
it might be that you are attempting to reference John the BABTIST,
who, if memory serves, was the main front-man type biblical figure.
Nice try though. I doubt that your groveling followers will notice, or
if so, have the temerity to bring it to your attention, and thereby in
some way diminish the reputation of your no doubt formidable intellect.

But seriously, even Manson could probably tell the difference between
the Evangelist and the Babtist. Not that any of this would make your
bitchy little screed make sense anyway.



  1. CrustyThePotato Says:

    Cosmic Cowbell said:
    “Lastly, I posted only a small portion of a much larger story, one that I do not know the details of and so could only speculate. Which for the most part, I didn’t. My motivation was simply this. A big part of RI is MC/RA and justice. It is a honeypot for those who feel connected to those causes in some way, be it victim, crusader, both or something in between.”

    Is anyone REAL still posting there?

  2. NotSoSirius Says:

    “Why doesn’t Jeff erase the spam? I believe he is paid disinfo. It’s about raising the noise to signal ratio. He’s been involved in many disinfo scripts over the years, and he can be linked to many other disinfo fucks. By the way, anyone who believes Hartwell, Webb, Dixon, and others have been in a legitemate fight with Gunderson, Educate-yourself, and others is not a critical thinker. This whole thing was scripted. The internet is a cesspool. A deliberately created one. You can’t even use the search engines anymore. They are useless. This is what is referred to as a limited hangout.”

    When Barracuda asks you to post your info. Don’t do it.

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