Eye’ll be Your Mirror…Wormwood Star(e)

When fabulous (not to mention that other ‘lous
credu) Elizabethan calculator John Dee and his
canny con artist compadre Edward Kell-Lee looked
into their dim crystals amid polished black
obsidian disks and free associated, what they

were really doing was not witchcraft as they
were oft accused. No, Your Honor and
Gentlemen of the Inquisition, they were
involved in the occult art of perfuming, that
other highly specialized and invisible
communication with angels and demons.

…it took Douce Amerer, (or Bitter Sweet) with its
pretty contrasting filigree of invisible Ariel
spirits of the air (cinnamon, artemisia
absinthium) combined with the vast heavy
anchor of Caliban-concentrated star anise to let
me know that someone had found me where I
hid amid my confessions, conoctions and
confusions, using their own looking-glass. And
now they were telling my story.

Well, for one thing, like everything wonderful,
Douce Ameres is also wildly weird. A pair of
fathomless eyes gaze from beneath the silver
and gold of the Douce half above, one pupil of
pitch black liquorice and one even darker, made
of liquorice’s devilish drug-cousin Wormwood.
You will know I’m wearing my most personal
potion, then, because I have the Amere-stare.
(Don’t doubt it, either, you’ll know it when you
see it.)

WitoftheStaircase 12/13/06


4 Responses to “Eye’ll be Your Mirror…Wormwood Star(e)”

  1. SteganosaurusRex Says:

    Why does she spell it “Kell-Lee” at the end? Just to get her middle name in there…is she the Kelly to Blake’s Dee? Here is the link. http://theresalduncan.typepad.com/witostaircase/2006/12/looking_down_on_1.html

  2. et in Arcadia ego Says:

    Yo Steg, why does this blogger speak using a dead woman’s voice?


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