Twi-lite Zone


AJ: All right Cinco, whataya in my office wastin’ my time for? We’re
already in pre-production with this thing fer chrissakes–I need
content! Failing that, then at least the illusion of content goddamnit!
Some pages! A first draft or an outline! Something! Anything! What
have you got!?

CINCO: Think yer gonna love this A.J. Dig: We rip off an old Twilight
Zone, you know, the one where a sleepy little neighborhood in Anytown
U.S.A. is suddenly isolated and all the power goes out leaving everybody
to wonder. Of course their imaginations run riot, and when one neighbor’s
lights inexplicably come on, the mob-minded good folks of the town turn
on him. A fatality ensues. Cut to: Smirking aliens on the hillside gloating
with ironic satisfaction that they won’t have to lift a finger to conquor earth,
that the humans are all too willing to do their work for them. A very cost-effective
way to pursue their agenda, they smirk.

AJ: What?? I’m paying you for this? An old Twilight Zone episode? WTF??

CINCO: This is the part yer gonna love AJ…we cut costs by ditching the
aliens! That’s right, we don’t need ’em–just some stock footage of
power lines in a high wind…lightning…stuff like that–just a routine
circuit breakdown–nothing out of the ordinary, that’s all it takes!



One Response to “Twi-lite Zone”

  1. Steganosaurus Rex Says:

    Sounds like a winner. If you need legal assistance, give me a Buzz.
    – Tim Bowles

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