Clueless (tell Delmart I sez hi!)

Late breakng news from “the Monster”…

Dr. Colin A. Ross…Scientology? Well DUH!

Should be at least as obvious as a pork roast
suspended from a ceiling with little horns stuck
on it. Artsy. Sure raised my consciousness.

Ross>CoS a connection to be examined perhaps, or you
could just look the other way and ignore it–which has
gotten you this far, but don’t you think it’s kinda, you know,
lame that it would take the “creepy Arg monster” to bring
it to your attention? Some pretty lite background research
to be having a purportedly serious discussion about Monarch
RA for such supposedly well informed, skeptical, no nonsense
sharpies with their precious obviously cultivated drama queen
online personas, including the trigger-happy dingbat DIDiva
koffee-klatch, eh? EH?

Let’s read off the roll of honor, shall we?

Brett Kimberlin
Mike Rivero
Delmart Vreeland…
Andy Stephenson
Gannon-Gosch disinfo

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve gotta go play the desertfae Octopus ARG. Cheerio!

Pay no attention to the man behind
the curtain, or the gorilla in the corner…

The Emperor is very well dressed!


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