Mucho Morales (redux)

Up and down the old homestead
the naked rider gallops through his head
and although the moon isn’t full
He still feels the pull

Why do you ride that crazy horse?
Inquires the shadow with little remorse
Just then a priest comes down the stairs
with a sack of dreams and old nightmares

Who are you? The rider says
You dress in black but you talk like a Fed
You spout ideas from the books you’ve read
Don’t you care about this guy’s head?

Just then the sound of hoofbeats was heard
And the sky was darkened by a prehistoric bird
who flew between the unfullfilled moon
and the naked rider to a telephone booth

Flying feathers were all around
The air was filled with a ringing sound
Two more birds, the second and the third
came down from the sky to deliver the Word


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